“Today we were instructed that through our pearls of silence we can begin to discover the clarity within our mind — a peace that is always present yet often untouched.” 
Mornings in silence here at the KMC Nordic’s retreat centre in Strømstad, give all participants the chance to explore these often hidden pearls that abide in our heart. 
Flash forward 2 days and it is clear of the power of retreat in becoming deeply connected with the inner world and to learning to navigate within it. Retreat life isn’t a walk in the park; it does bring out what we need to focus on and work with, while graciously allowing the space to do so from a place of wisdom and compassion, insight and clarity, purpose and perspective.
Interspersed between each session were wonderful opportunities to explore both the inner and outer world; canoe trips across the semi-still fjord, dew filled hikes and late-night saunas to saturate into the inner wealth that was collected during the day of meditation. 
It truly feels that this life is too good; providing all the conditions for a deep reflection, deep joy and a simple sense of fulfillment. I rejoice in all those who attended and all who have a wish to attend in the future…may it be so!
Retreat, Sep 27. – Strömstad, SE
O’ what a joy — the glint of sun 
shimmering off the water
the smell of brisk autumn air 
wafting through my nostrils
and the sound of feet 
crunching pebbles on the way to the meditation hall.
O’ what a joy — abiding in a peaceful state 
undisturbed by my day-to-day distractions
resting in my heart and simply trying to live 
in this moment, understanding its preciousness.
O’ what a joy — retreaters biking past on midday adventures 
picking apples warmed by the summer sun,
& deeply basking in the last days of morning warmth
A steaming cup of tea, 
a book to reflect on an inner world; 
the union of these makes for a lovely afternoon.
These are the joys that arise from retreat.
Give yourself the gift of rest and reflection 
joy and rejuvenation, appreciation and acceptance
& begin to see the world from a different perspective.
— — —