For the fortunate early-birds who made it out this Sunday, it was a sunny autumn morning. The air was brisk enough to draw local Oslonians towards a source of warmth. Warmth to be found within. Offering free guided meditations every Sunday, the Nordic Kadampa Meditation Center became a source of that warmth. 


Guiding and teaching for the first time at the NKMC, Maria Bobrova gave a clear and beginner friendly teaching on concentration and meditation. Her personality was easily to relate with and her peaceful presence and care in guiding those who attended was definitely felt. 
Maria spoke about how important concentration is for our normal day-to-day activities such as reading, studying, working and driving. She then emphasized how this concentration is, just as, if not more important when relating to the internal experience of meditation. Furthermore, she described that through developing our mindfulness and concentration, we can eventually take our insights drawn within the meditation to the meditation break – our daily life.
After the 2nd meditation she opened the floor to the group of participants and received a great deal of feedback comparing the initial breathing meditation and the final visualization meditation. The inquiry and curiosity was brimming from each of the students and in particular from some of Maria’s close friends who came to support her. 

When asked about her experience teaching and guiding meditation Maria shared that:


“For me, it has been a beautiful experience that filled me with deep inner peace. I was concentrating on the listeners and on my feeling of love and compassion for them, and this helped me not to get too stressed or anxious. Although I did not feel fully competent to sit on the “throne” and teach  others, I was hoping that there would be something beneficial for them  in my teaching. And as I told you earlier, at some point during the  class, I felt that all tension in my body has completely disappeared, and I enjoyed a very peaceful, clear and calm mind while teaching (and after that as well).”

At Nordic KMC,

we cannot promise that all tensions will dissolve upon entering, but we still encourage you to come give it a try:
every Sunday for our free class, and Mondays(18:00), Tuesday(10:00) and Thursdays(18:00) for our drop-in courses.
Come experience the warmth of a loving heart and a peaceful mind.
Everyone welcome!