What is retreat?  In our busy modern life we lack calm and stillness.  To regain balance people are drawn to peaceful and quiet places where they can withdraw for a short time and renew their energy – in short, they go on retreat.

Through working on your mind in such perfect conditions retreat is an ideal way to lift your spiritual practice and daily life to another level.

We begin to discover the natural clarity and spaciousness of our mind and are able to deepen our practice of meditation easily.

Training in the systematic meditation practices found within Buddhism we develop inner wisdom, a warm and loving mind, and the happiness of inner peace.

The retreat center Gullnäsgården is in a very scenic location by the sea on the island Tjärnö, about 10km southwest of Stromstad, Sweden. It is possible to borrow a bike, a canoe or a kayak.  To enjoy the sauna or a swim in the sea.  Or simply to sit on one of the many benches and watch the still water or the sunset.

Open to everyone Our retreats are suitable for all levels of experience, including complete beginners and you do not need to be a Buddhist to attend or benefit.

Guided retreat by Gen Kelsang Tubchen, a modern Buddhist nun with over 16 years of experience of engaging in and guiding retreats, including over a year of silent retreat.  Prior to coming to Norway she lived for many years at Tharpaland International Retreat Centre in Scotland where she helped facilitate and guide retreats.

She is the principal teacher at Nordisk Kadampa Meditasjonssenter i Norge and the National Spiritual Director of our tradition in the Nordic Region.  She is a gifted and inspiring teacher with a strong wish to share the benefits of meditation and retreat with others.

Meditation Retreaters can meditate using a cushion on the floor or sitting in a chair, whatever is most comfortable. We provide meditation cushions and stools to borrow.

There will be some teaching at the start of meditation sessions, but the main emphasis will be on meditation. The meditations are guided and gradually become longer and deeper as the retreat progresses.

Delicious vegetarian meals All meals and drinks are included. Breakfast and 2 healthy and nutritious meals will be served each day. All meals are either vegetarian or vegan. There is also a wheat & milk free option for those with allergies. We also have a small snack shop.

What will you need to bring? 
Watch and alarm clock as you a required to hand in your mobile phone for the duration of the retreat. Family and friends can contact you in emergencies through the retreat centre.

Pillow and duvets provided for all rooms, please bring bed linen and towels (or rent for 70SEK), a flash light, warm clothing, indoor shoes or slippers and toiletries. There is a sauna, please bring a swimsuit if you wish to use it.

You will need cash if you wish to buy snacks, items from the shop, or to pay for pick up or drop off to the bus.

There is a library of Buddhist books to borrow.  You are encouraged not to read unrelated books, novels or magazines during the retreat.  In addition each person on a group retreat has a daily job to ensure the retreat runs smoothly.

Swimming & excursions It is a 5 minute walk to the nearest swimming opportunity at the boathouses where you can swim or see the wonderful sunsets. It is a short bike ride to really sandy beaches and forests walks such as Tjärnö church (2 km) to and Salto nature reserve(5km) overlooking the Koster islands with sunsets in the sea right in Koster Marine National Park.

During our retreats we have some periods of silence. The silence gives us space to train in meditation and to deepen our inner peace as our distractions disappear.

It is very important that mobile phones are kept turned off while the retreat lasts keep our mind free of distractions.  Often the morning until lunch is silent with time for discussion and interaction in the afternoons and evenings. In some retreats we observe silence for a whole day or retreat. See the individual retreats for more info. It is always possible to meet with the teacher and managers and ask questions.


Gullnäsgården on an island called Tjärnö near Strömstad, approx 187 km north of Göteborg, 99 km north of Uddevalla and 132 km south of Oslo. BY CAR: 5 km south of Strömstad is a road sign-posted Tjärnö. You pass over 2 big bridges and a small bridge.  1km further after some small red boathouses is a sign for Gullnäsgården and you turn left here and park 100m on.

BY BUS:  Take express bus to Tanum and organise pickup.  Or boat / train to Strømstad and organise pick up.

GPS-koordinater: N 58°53.217’ E 11°1