Looking back..

I see time and energy being given to the flourishing of Kadam Dharma,

I hear the melodious Norwegian language singing others out the door, “Hade-braaaa”,

I taste apple crumble, banana smoothies, and an endless palate of avocados,

I smell wood burning in the crisp winter air and then permeating the inner home of contentment,

I feel the warmth of my heart, day in and out, so fortunate for this life.

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Sitting now…

its clear that everything is impermanent. I once told all my friends, colleagues, family members, and acquaintances that I was going away to Norway for a year. Before that I thought I might travel SE Asia for a few months, and tomorrow I get on an evening flight to NYC where I will soon find myself back in a familiar place.

How silly it is to feel tied down to a plan, a road map of life, that will most definitely swerve and dip into and out of the valleys of changing conditions. Changing opportunities. The best way in my mind is to sit peacefully in the backseat, rejoice in the driver, and make the best of the scenery. There are so many pitstops along the way where I can meet and greet, share love, share stories, be present with those who appear there. How wonderful…unless it feels permanent and forever, then leaving can be not… so… easy.


In the past few months…

I’ve had the opportunity to help Dharma (Buddhas teachings) flourish throughout Norway and the Nordic Countries. How wonderful this opportunity. So amazing is the team here at Nordic KMC that they entrusted me fully with the responsibility and honor of being a “Daglig Leder”, or daily leader of the organisation. Of course, with not much formal background the entire things was a learning process but the faith and appreciation spurred me on to give all that I had, understanding the preciousness of the opportunity to share meaningful ways of training the mind with the lovely people who made their way through the front doors, up six floors on the elevator and entered the centre’s doors only to hear, Hei Hei, velkomen!

What is amazing is…

That although this Centre and its team were happy to give me this label and responsibilities, the Norwegian government were never fully on the same page. Throughout the visa process, I was able to volunteer in all the ways that I did, however never had a full permission to do what I was planning to do.

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And in one short letter, it all dissolved away. After the first declination of my visa, I appealed the process and a month later, was declined again. That was that, and after some brainstorming and decision making, it was set that I was off again, hoping to make a difference somewhere else.

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It wasn’t so easy…

To leave friends and colleagues, mainly due to our special connection and karma created. There is something very special about Geshe Kelsang’s projects, in that they encourage individuals to work together selflessly, for the benefit of all living beings. Therefore the connection that I had with the people of this centre was extraordinarily meaningful. We could be riding on a boat, walking in the park, setting up for a class or driving in a car and the objects of consideration were more than likely focused on bringing benefit to others. Never in my life have I been able to fully immerse myself in planning a banquet of delight for all living beings.

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So you may think “yeah, yeah”…

But my feeling of confidence and care is genuine. The things that I’ve learned have created a momentum that I hope will naturally allow me to continue helping others.

So I intend to do so…

The next chapter of this journey will take me to San Diego, CA where I will stay for an temporary visit to carry on this work of benefitting other through spreading Dharma!

May everyone have such auspicious opportunities!