Blissful Mind – Summer Retreat

1,360 kr3,900 kr

22nd – 25th June in Strömstad, Sweden
Guided by Gen Kelsang Tubchen

Blissful Mind Mahamudra Retreat

Prices include accomodation, vegetarian food and course fee


Gen Kelsang Tubchen vil lede oss i enkle, dyptgripende meditasjoner på naturen av vårt sinn, på stadig dypere nivåer.

A unique opportunity to be guided in retreat by Gen Kelsang Tubchen, who has been engaging in and guiding retreats for over 17 years including over a year of silent retreat.

Drawing on a deep wealth of meditative experience, she will guide a series of simple but profound meditations on the nature of our mind so that we can experience its limitless, pure and peaceful nature for ourselves at deeper and deeper levels.

Through following the practices known as Mahamudra we can learn to experience the nature of our mind directly in meditation. What we discover is a limitless mind, in particular a mind of limitless potential, capable of universal love, profound wisdom, and unceasing joy.

Experiencing the tranquility of the pure nature of our mind allows us easily to let go of limiting and painful conceptions of ourself and instead progress towards becoming the free and happy person we wish to be.

This retreat will also help us to improve our concentration and to gain insight into the nature of our mind and the reality we experience.

  • The retreat is silent until lunch each day allowing time for quiet reflection, as well as silent in the evening.
  • In the afternoons there will be time to discuss the topics being presented with others if you wish.
  • Between sessions you can walk and relax in beautiful nature, take bike rides or even swim in the sea.

Please note: Everyone is welcome to this retreat, there are no special requirements for attending. 

You can read much more about retreat and see pictures of our beautiful retreat place on the retreat page.


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