Stillness Within Påske Retreat i Stillhet

2,800 kr5,900 kr

28. Mars – 2. April i Strömstad, Sweden
med Gen Kelsang Tubchen som veileder meditasjonsøktene

Stillness within Påske retreat

The course fee includes three vegetarian meals a day, accommodation and course fee.

The retreat starts with a light meal at 17.30 on the first day and ends with lunch and clear up on the last day.

Norwegian and English information below

*All shared rooms are now fully booked.  Please book a twin room and write an email if you wish to be on the waiting list for a shared room.  Only one single room is left.   One premium twin room also available and some twin rooms.



Stillness within Konsentrasjons-retreat
28. Mars – 2. April

Strömstad, Sverige

Train in concentration in ideal retreat conditions and discover the joy of silence.

In busy daily life it is rare with even a few moments of mental peace and tranquillity. But simply through stepping out of our normal busyness and focusing on meditation for just a few days we can achieve extraordinary blissful states of mind that show us the great potential within our mind for happiness and peace.

Learn practical methods for developing and deepening truly profound states of mind. In this retreat we are given the time and opportunity to experience for ourselves the extraordinary power and potential of our own mind.

Guided retreat by Gen Kelsang Tubchen, a modern Buddhist nun with over 17 years of experience of engaging in and guiding retreats. She will lead the meditations each day so that we can develop our concentration and our experience of inner peace.

This 5 day meditation retreat is open to all levels of practitioner, including beginners.

The retreat itself goes gradually into silence allowing each person their own inner space to take their meditation and contemplation to deeper levels and to enjoy the inner quiet that comes as distractions die down.

Full instructions on how to train will be given in our concentration course in Oslo or you can listen to the recordings.  The essential points will also be reviewed during the retreat.

Between meditations there is time to enjoy being peaceful outdoors, to walk or sit in nature, to ride a bicycle or take a canoe out on the water.

Although the retreat is silent, the teacher will give short guiding points throughout to help participants to get the most from their retreat. It is also possible to ask questions either written or in person at any time.

On the final day there is a group lunch and everyone comes gradually out of silence to share experiences and enjoy the company of others before returning home.

Set in an idyllic retreat venue in tranquil surroundings on an island near Strømstad, Sweden.


I distraksjonens tidsalder som vi befinner oss i, hvor vi alle er blitt tilvent konstante nivåer av stimuli og mental travelhet; er det sjelden å nyte selv et eneste øyeblikk av indre stillhet.

Lær praktiske metoder for å utvikle og fordype virkelig dype sinnstilstander. I dette retreatet kommer vi til å få tiden og muligheten til å oppleve selv den utrolige kraften og potensiale av vårt eget sinn.

Undervisning på Engelsk



This retreat will be guided in English.

Retreat schedule will made public closer to time of retreat.

Vegetarian meals are provided and different kinds of accommodation are available.

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