Healing from the heart – Spring Retreat

1,360 kr3,900 kr


18th – 21st May in Strömstad, Sweden
Guided by Gen Kelsang Tubchen

Developing Universal Compassion

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Healing from the heart – Spring Retreat
Developing Universal Compassion
18th – 21st May

Strömstad, Sweden

Through meditating on love and compassion we quickly purify our mind.

During this three day retreat, Gen Kelsang Tubchen will guide the powerful healing meditations on giving love and taking away suffering which enable us to open our heart to others and destroy the root of our own suffering.

The meditations will be guided step by step enabling us to get a feeling for their power.  By the end of the retreat we will have deep familiarity with the practice of taking and giving and have an understanding of how to use these meditations in our daily lives to benefit both ourself and others.

Experience the pure happiness and inner strength that comes from this powerful healing meditation.   Discover how you can remove negativity from the world and give back love and kindness.

The meditations will be guided step by step enabling us to get a feeling for their power.  

About the teacher:
Gen Tubchen has been a Buddhist nun since 2003 and she is loved for her clear, powerful and practical teachings and her deep retreat experience. She regularly visits the different centres throughout the Nordic region to teach and guide retreats.


Lær hvordan å fjerne negativitet fra verden og gi tilbake kjærlighet og godhet med den helbredende hjertemeditasjonen som omhandler det å gi og ta.

This retreat will have silent mornings. It starts with a light meal at 18.00 on the day of arrival and finishes with lunch and clear up on the last day.

Vegetarian meals are provided and different kinds of accommodation are available.


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