Overcoming Obstacles & Experiencing Emptiness (Meditations on the Heart Sutra) – Day Retreat

90 kr575 kr

Søndag 13. Mai, 10:30 – 16:00 at Nordic Kadampa Meditation Centre with Gen Kelsang Tubchen

includes a vegetarian lunch


Overcoming Obstacles through the experience of Emptiness

Imagine a life with no fears, a spiritual life with great inner strength and confidence. With Buddha’s teachings on wisdom you are offered the opportunity to see things the way they really are, to dissolve away hallucinations of suffering and to develop a truly peaceful and happy mind.  Just remembering emptiness makes us increasingly confident and stable in the face of obstacles and adversities.

The Heart Sutra is a much loved teaching given by Buddha 2600 years ago which is often recited as a special way of contemplating emptiness and dispelling obstacles.    This course is a very precious and unique opportunity to receive an introduction to the hidden meaning in the heart sutra.   Although quite short it contains many liberating insights that enable us to realise the true nature of reality and the true nature of our self.

During the day there will be a series of teachings and guided meditations as well as time to ask questions.   The course is best suited to those with some experience of meditation or prior interest in Buddhist meditation but it is not a prerequisite.  The most important thing is to come with an open mind and the willingness to find out the truth for yourself!

This day course will be taught by our resident teacher Gen Kelsang Tubchen who has long and deep experience of Buddhas teachings.  For many years she engaged in a daily recitation of the heart sutra and she has over 17 years of engaging in and guiding meditation retreats.  She regularly teaches in the UK and throughout the Nordic region.

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