Who is the weekend for?

The weekend is suitable for everyone including beginners! You don’t need to be a Buddhist to attend or benefit.



What will happen at the weekend?

There will be guided meditations for cultivating special, peaceful and positive states of mind, including a special guided ’empowerment’ meditation. There will also be practical teachings on how we can overcome our negative states of mind, awaken our good heart and open our wisdom eyes. In this way we can put Buddhas example into practice in our daily lives to be happier, more peaceful and more fulfilled.


What is an empowerment?

An empowerment, takes the form of a series of guided meditations which bestow upon us special blessings that heal our mind and awaken our potential to become pure enlightened beings.


Are there any commitments I should know about?

Everything will be clearly explained during the empowerment, and there is no requirement to take any commitments. It is possible to take the empowerment simply with a good motivation to become more peaceful and be of benefit to others – this is the simplest level of commitment.


What is so special about the weekend?

Empowerments take place relatively rarely, (once a year in Norway) and require a lot of preparation on the part of the teacher, who engages in a strict silent retreat for one week prior to the empowerment. These weekends are special spiritual opportunities and also occasions to meet with meditators from other areas such as Denmark, Sweden, Finland and the UK, and to enjoy a meaningful weekend of inspiration and peace – literally to spiritually empower ourselves!


How much does it cost for students or those with low incomes?

We never want anyone to be turned away from our courses due to lack of funds, so the discount for those that need it is 25% off! All prices include lunch. All proceeds from the event will go towards the operating and development costs of our Buddhist non-profit organisation and everyone working for the Centre does so on a voluntary basis.