Authentic Self Confidence

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Thursdays 19:00 – 20:15 at the centre with Gen Kelsang Tubchen

Authentic Self Confidence

31st May
7th, 14th, 21st, 28th June

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Authentic self confidence

We all want to feel good about ourselves but genuine self-esteem is something we can all struggle with. Our confidence and sense of worth, so often rests on achievements, approval, status or appearance. However, since we cannot avoid criticism, always be successful or remain young forever, this leaves us vulnerable to low-self esteem.

In this series of meditation classes we will explore how it is possible to be validated from within, from states of mind that are deeply peaceful and nourishing. In this way we begin to have an authentic confidence based on inner validation, that does not depend on external conditions.

Buddhist wisdom offers us a profoundly different way of viewing ourself and relating to the world around us. We will learn how through meditation we can connect to our extraordinary potential rather than our limitations.

Drawing on 20 years of experience with meditation, Buddhist nun Gen Kelsang Tubchen will share three kinds of authentic confidence that we can develop from within. These three kinds of confidence will help us to accomplish change, to transform difficulties, to improve our relationships and to progress on the spiritual path.

By putting this into practice we will develop a strong and authentic self-confidence that naturally empowers us in all our activities. In this way we can begin to be the confident, joyful, loving person we truly wish to be.

The course will be taught in English.

Price: 160 kr for drop-in

120 kr for students, pensioners and unemployed

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