General Programme Supporting Membership

about membership

Supporting the development of inner and outer peace.

If you attend the centre regulary becoming a general programme member is a cost effective way to enjoy the many classes and events on offer.

The membership gives you unlimited access to the majority of classes and courses at the centre. Full details are provided below.

This will give you many opportunities to begin or deepen your meditation experience.

Become a member

You must pay the membership each month by PayPal or Credit/Debit Card. You can set this up by clicking ‘Become a Member’ at the bottom of the page. Alternatively, you can contact us if you wish to pay by automatic transfer each month from your bank.

Please note, membership is for a minimum of 3 months. You can take a break if needed but you cannot cancel and re-start your membership multiple times.

The cost of membership is spread throughout the year so you pay the same amount each month. There are periods when there are limited activities at the centre due to public holidays or international festivals and other times where there are many activities taking place.

For information about Foundation Programme membership, click here.


530 kr / month

What is included in your membership:


  • – Unlimited access to all general programme, half day & day courses and retreats at the centre
  • – Unlimited access to general programme classes held by the centre at other venues
  • – 25% discount on course with special visiting teachers and empowerments held at the centre
  • – Free instant coffee and tea

What is not included in your membership:


  • – Foundation Programme or Teacher Training Programme classes
  • – Festival and Dharma Celebrations
  • – Tea and coffee at Festivals and Dharma Celebrations
  • – Retreats not held at the centre
  • – Meals (75.00 nok)
  • – Machine coffee (30.00 nok)