Monday Drop-in Classes

18:00 – 19:30

General Information


Drop-in classes are suitable for everyone, those new to meditation as well as those who have previous experience.

Each class consists of two guided meditations and a talk on the topic of the class. There is also the opportunity to enjoy a tea and chat together after the class.

You can attend a whole block of classes or just drop-in to an individual class.

You don’t need any special clothing or equipment. Chairs and cushions are provided so you can choose to sit in the way that is most suitable for you.

Our Monday drop-in class is taught in English.

The Teacher

Gen Kelsang Dragpa is Modern Kadampa Buddhist monk and the National Spiritual Director of the Nordic Region. He is the Principle Teacher at Nordic Kadampa Meditation Centre, Oslo.

He received ordination in 1993 from Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche and is one of his most senior disciples. Gen Dragpa has taught extensively in the Netherlands, UK, Belgium and France.

His teachings are very practical and easy to understand. They offer profound solutions to our everyday problems.

Upcoming Classes

Meditation for Busy People

26th August – 16th September

*extra class added – 23rd September 

* Wouldn’t you love to get into meditation, if you only had the time? Kadampa meditation practices are perfectly suited to our busy modern lives rather than emphasising long retreats, we can integrate positive ways of thinking into our daily routines, and by doing this we hold onto the peace we collect during meditation so that even just a small amount of meditation goes a long way.

Learn meditations that awaken your potential for a still and peaceful mind. Overcome negative and distracting thoughts through the practice of mindfulness and concentration.

26th August – Developing a Stable Mind

2nd Sept – The Clarity of a Peaceful Mind

9th Sept – The Peace of Concentration

16th Sept -Achieving Deep Inner Peace

*Extra Class 23rd Sept – Freeing the Mind

Modern Buddhism: See Things in a New Light

14th October – 9th December


2,500 years after the passing of Buddha, his example and teachings still resonate. These classes will explain the essential principles of the Buddhist way of life and how we can gain personal benefit from applying these teachings in our busy modern life. We will also learn how we can use meditation to see things in a new light and as a tool for developing good qualities such as inner peace, love and compassion and wisdom.

14th Oct – Introduction to Buddhism

21th Oct – Getting the Most out of Your Life

28th Oct – What Happens When We Die 

4th Nov – Create your Happiness

11th Nov – The Four Noble Truths

18th Nov – To Love and Be Loved

25th Nov – 3 Ways of Becoming Successful in Life

2nd Dec – 3 Ways of Becoming Successful in Meditation

9th Dec – Seeing Things As They Are

details & bookings

The Venue

Nordisk Kadampa Meditasjonssenter Majorstuveien 26, Oslo 0367

+47 45 05 19 28


Fee & Booking

Meditation for Busy People (4 weeks): 515,-

Modern Buddhism (9 weeks): 1150,-

20% discount when booking the whole course

Drop-in: 160,-

Free for supporting members

*Discounts available for those in need

You can register below or just drop-in.



No experience necessary.

Everybody welcome.

No special clothing or equipment required.

Refreshments provided.