Thursday Drop-in Classes

18:00 – 19:30

General Information


Drop-in classes are suitable for everyone, those new to meditation as well as those who have previous experience.

Each class consists of two guided meditations and a talk on the topic of the class. There is also the opportunity to enjoy a tea and chat together after the class.

You can attend a whole block of classes or just drop-in to an individual class.

You don’t need any special clothing or equipment. Chairs and cushions are provided so you can choose to sit in the way that is most suitable for you.

Our Thursday drop-in class is taught in English. 

The Teacher

Gen Kelsang Dragpa is Modern Kadampa Buddhist monk and the National Spiritual Director of the Nordic Region. He is the Principle Teacher at Nordic Kadampa Meditation Centre, Oslo.

He received ordination in 1993 from Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche and is one of his most senior disciples. Gen Dragpa has taught extensively in the Netherlands, UK, Belgium and France.

His teachings are very practical and easy to understand. They offer profound solutions to our everyday problems.

Upcoming Classes

overcoming stress & frustration

22nd August – 12th September

 *extra class added – 19th September 

Stress, frustration and anger are common experiences in modern life. These painful states of mind can arise when we encounter challenging situations and difficult people. If irritation or anger is not recognized early on it can become a poison that destroys our happiness and interferes with our relationships.

This series of classes will introduce various methods for recognizing, reducing and finally removing the destructive habits of stress and anger from our mind, helping us to experience the peace and freedom that we all long for.

22nd Aug -What is our real problem?

29th Aug -Why do we get stressed?

5th Sept -Learning to Let Go

12th Sept -Dealing with Difficult People

*Extra Class 19th Sept – Love: The Key to Being Happy all the Time


Mahamudra: take a journey inside

10th October – 12th December


Buddha explained many methods to liberate ourself and others from suffering. Of these, the uncommon instructions of Tantric Mahamudra of the Ganden Oral Lineage are an especially powerful way to purify our mind quickly and to reach our fullest potential, the supreme bliss of enlightenment. 

Through receiving the appropriate empowerments and then sincerely practising these special meditations, we can make our life supremely meaningful.

In The Oral Instructions of Mahamudra, the great Buddhist master Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche guides us through the profound and world-transforming practice of Mahamudra – the very essence of Buddha’s teachings of Sutra and Tantra. 

10th Oct – Introduction to Mahamudra

17th Oct – Entering the path to enlightenment

24th Oct – Purifying our Mind

31st Oct – Accumulating Good Fortune

7th Nov – The Yoga of the Spiritual Guide

14th Nov – Having identified our own mind, meditating on tranquil abiding

21st Nov – Having realized emptiness, meditating on superior seeing

28th Nov – Meditating on the central channel, the yoga of the central channel

5th Dec – Meditating on the indestructible drop, the yoga of the drop

12th Dec – Meditating on the indestructible wind, the yoga of wind

details & bookings

The Venue

Nordisk Kadampa Meditasjonssenter Majorstuveien 26, Oslo 0367

+47 45 05 19 28


Fee & Booking

Overcoming Stress & Frustration (4 weeks): 515,-

Mahamudra: Take a Journey Inside (10 weeks): 1280,-

20% discount when booking the whole course

Drop-in: 160,-

Free for supporting members

*Discounts available for those in need

You can register below or just drop-in.



No experience necessary.

Everybody welcome.

No special clothing or equipment required.

Refreshments provided.