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Dugnad every saturday!

We hope you can join in and help us create our city temple for world peace :)

Our new meditation space is progressing well with volunteers and contractors preparing everything we need from ceiling to floor. A big thank you to all our kind cooks who have been feeding the volunteers over the past few weeks and to everyone who has been helping.

We are now two months away from the opening (the big day is Oct 14!!) so there is still lots to and we welcome anyone with time to come and help and be part of this amazing project. Especially we are in need of those with some skill or experience of carpentry and decorating.  But everyone can join in with painting and decorating, furniture assembling, making gardens, cooking and cleaning.  The most useful way of helping is to give a regular time slot.  For example the same period of time each week, or to join in a dugnad.

We are working Monday to Saturday each week.  On Sundays we rest, and clean and still need to feed everyone so it is possible to help anyday of the week.

from 26 Aug until the opening
We will provide lunch if you let us know you plan to come!

16. Sept – The plans for the different days will come closer to each dugnad.
23. Sept –
30. sept –
7. Okt –

If anyone has a spare room and would like to host a volunteer that is also useful at times as our accommodation is limited. We are also putting together a list of people who can host visitors from other areas for the opening in October.

Of course donations are always welcome if you are short on time but still want to contribute, and there are things you can do from home like research and admin.

Love from the team at Nordic KMC

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åpning: 13 - 15 oktober

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Kommende kurs

Ukentlige meditasjonsklasser i Majorstuen

14, 21, 28 Sept & 5 Okt 

Halv dagers kurs i Fredrikstad

Søn 17 Sep 14 – 16.30

Nordisk Kadampa Meditasjonssenter

Majorstuveien 26, 0367 Oslo

Et medlem av The New Kadampa Tradition – International Kadampa Buddhist Union.
Org. nr 995 250 160 (ideelle forening)