What’s New: Upcoming Events

What’s New: Upcoming Events


A centre for meditation and modern buddhism in the heart of Oslo.

Learn to Meditate

Ready to start a meditation practice but don’t know how? The best way to learn is by attending guided classes but if you’re eager to begin at home, check out our guide. Learn how to lay good foundations for a relaxed and enjoyable meditation practice.

Reach your Potential

Drop-in classes are available throughout the week, with guided meditations and teachings on applying Buddhist insights to daily life. All of the teachings and meditations are designed to help you to reach your full potential.

Everybody Welcome

Whether you’re interested in exploring meditation for the first time, or looking to solve your daily life problems, you don’t have to be Buddhist to enjoy and benefit from our classes and events. 

Courses & Events: Coming Soon

If you are new to meditation we recommend that you start with our weekly Drop-in Classes in Oslo. These are fully accessible to beginners, while being the perfect place to go deeper. The classes are designed both as a series and as stand-alone classes, so you can attend any class even if the series has already started. These classes offer topics that vary week to week and are based in Buddhist philosophy and meditation.

You may also enjoy our free 20 minute meditations if you want a short taster class.

Most of our classes include guided meditations, teachings on various aspects of Buddhist philosophy, and time for questions.

We provide chairs or cushions to sit on. No special clothing required. Come as you are. We recommend coming 5-10 minutes early so that you can check in and relax. 

Class format

The drop-in and branch classes include guided meditations, a practical teaching on applying Buddhist concepts to everyday life, and time for discussion.

Meditation operates on many levels. Through simple breathing meditation we can reduce feelings of stress by quieting our minds and connecting to the natural stillness that lies within.

The deeper purpose of meditation is to bring us to a state of authentic and stable happiness, one which we carry with us throughout our day. By actively cultivating those states of mind that are conducive to peace and well-being and eradicating those that aren’t, we move ever closer to an experience of unceasing joy and contentment.

Our centre is located in Majorstuen, Oslo. We are part of a worldwide network of Kadampa Centres, with hundreds of locations throughout the world. Learn about about our centres worldwide at kadampa.org